Grand Nordic Ski Club Minutes
Sept 28, 2010

Participants: Sean Dee, Christine Lee, Stephen Lee, Diana Lynn Rau, Charlie Rau, Mary Ann Degginger, Al Rothenbach, Mike Lohman, Kelly Howard, Laura Cleveland, Jen Beltman, Matt Rowe, Tim Carter, Tina Wilson

The meeting began at 7:40 p.m. with introductions from those attending. Sean Dee (skier interested in the organization), Christine Lee (Secretary of Grand Nordic), Stephen Lee (works with the Children's program), Diana Lynn Rau (current President), Charlie Rau (helps with skiing lessons), Mary Ann Degginger (director of Programs at Snow Mountain Ranch-YMCA), Al Rothenbach (membership chair and web master), Mike Lohman (member at large and children's program), Kelly Howard (children's program), Laura Cleveland (K-5th grade FVMRD program at Fraser Elementary (correction), Jen Beltman (East Grand Middle School coach), Matt Rowe (representative for Devil's Thumb), Tim Carter (current Vice-President), Tina Wilson (publicity).

Jen Beltman announced that there are five Nordic coaches for the Middle School and three for Middle Park High School with 65 nordic skiers in the Middle School program alone. (correction). Mary Ann Degginger said that the YMCA's new Nordic director, Tom Merkt, is on his way from upper New York state.


After much discussion new officers for the upcoming year were confirmed.

President: Diana Lynn Rau
Vice President: Mike Lohman
Treasurer: Sean Dee
Secretary: Christine Lee
Membership/Web Site : Al Rothenbach

Addition: (Boulder Nordic Club liaison – Tim Carter
Publicity: Tina Wilson)

The treasurer, Sean Dee, asked for guidance in his new role and was assured that the past treasurer, Susan Oderwald, will help him.

Al Rothenbach asked for a new hosting site for the membership and e-mails. He mentioned “GO Daddy” which was about $140 a year. Mary Ann Degginger said that YMCA has a site that they use that is free to non-profits. She will e-mail Al the name of this hosting site and he will decide on the best site to use. A motion was made and carried to allow the webmaster his choice of a new site.

Al also mentioned that we will need new membership cards. These were usually done at Kopycat and the board okayed the new cards to be done at Kopycat.


A consensus was reached on the locations and times for Grand Nordic free ski lessons. The lessons would be free for all members or non-members. Equipment and trail pass would be free for members only.

December 11, 2010 (Saturday) Devil's Thumb (in conjunction with their Tommelfest)
January 15, 2011 (Saturday) Grand Lake
January 30, 2011 (Sunday) Snow Mountain (YMCA)

There was discussion on the problem of too many participants and not enough ski equipment, especially at Grand Lake. A couple of solutions were proposed. One was that to guarantee your place and equipment, participants should call ahead. Also if there were too many people for the morning ski lessons they could be given snowshoes for the morning and then have a lesson in the afternoon. Each ski area would figure out their own individual way of giving passes/equipment/coupons to keep tabs on how many people got passes or equipment so that they could be reimbursed by Grand Nordic.

Tina Wilson will work on the brochure and advertisements for Grand Nordic's free lessons.


It was decided that since some of the ski areas, (for example, Grand Lake and Devil's Thumb) have moonlight skiing on their calendars, Grand Nordic would do better in helping partner with these areas for the moonlight ski events already set up. The YMCA does not yet have a moonlight ski so we could work with them to set one up for March.


Diana asked Tim Carter to continue working with Boulder Nordic. Grand Nordic is still interested in doing some social events with them. The matter of dual membership and sharing benefits is still under discussion and will probably be revisited in future meetings.


The percentage saved at ski shops and other merchants by having Grand Nordic membership was discussed and should be finalized by October 29, the day of the Ski Swap. Some of the percentages are already set.

20% off on regularly priced merchandise – Devil's Thumb
20% off on regularly priced merchandise – YMCA
15% off “ “ -- Icebox Sports (will be checked by Mike L)
20% off “ “ -- Grand Sports (will be checked by Mike L)
20% off on orthodics -- Le Feet Lab (will be checked by Mike L)
YMCA day pass - $10.00 for Grand Nordic members

Mary Ann Degginger said that, as in past years, there will be a joint pass for YMCA/Devil's Thumb which will be handled by Devil's Thumb. Grand Nordic and Boulder Nordic members will have discounted day passes at all three ski areas and the price for these will be finalized by October 29, the day of the Ski Swap. YMCA will also have a family pass good for the entire year which will also include Nordic skiing. The cost for this has not yet been set.


All the discounts have to be verified so that they can be put into our brochure for this year. Last year's brochure was passed out and some changes were made. An addition was made which stated that Grand Nordic was an “active partner in Middle Park High School and East Grand Middle School”.

Jen Beltman announced that the school skiing program will have a shortened season (beginning in January for seven weeks) primarly because of financial restraints. Diana mentioned that the kids could take advantage of our free lessons to help increase their time on snow and that there is a lower membership rate for school Nordic skiers. Jen also mentioned that at the time of their first meeting she could sign up students as members of Grand Nordic and also sell the bells that are part of our inventory. She also asked if Grand Nordic would be willing to sponsor a $25 fee for those students who cannot afford this new fee . They would have to apply for this and write a paragraph about their love of x-c skiing, etc. Both the middle school and high school have not asked for any major monies this season and since this could be seen as a sort of scholarship the request was approved.

Laura Cleveland said that she could use some more help for the Mon. and Wed 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. small kids program.


Tim Carter announced the start of a new annual ski magazine. It deals with ski areas and skiing statewide but focuses on the Front Range. It is designed for new skiers with information on how to, where to, etc. It will be about 80 pages with a 40,000 copy run. It will go into ski shops, bike shops, sporting goods shops.

The magazine is designed to be the official source and guide to cross-county skiers. SKI SWAP

Mike Lohman and Kelly Howard will be in charge of the Ski Swap which will be held on October 29 at Devil's Thumb. Tina will do the publicity and brochure. Because of time constraints all volunteers should check with Mike and Kelly about what they could do at the Swap. An e-mail and phone list was passed out to facilitate this.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Submitted by: Christine Lee, Secretary


Laura Cleveland is the K-5th grade FVMRD program at Fraser Elementary.

Jen Beltman said there were 65 nordic skiers in the Middle School program alone.

Please add to the board listings -
Boulder Nordic Club liaison - Tim Carter 970-531-2031
Publicity - Tina Wilson 970-531-9604