Grand Nordic Ski Meeting
Sept. 20, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Diana Lynn Rau at 7:35 p.m.
Present were: Mike Lohman (V.P.), Karen Fletcher, Kathy Jamison, Dan Jamison, Lisa Bornfriend, Charlie Rau, Christine Lee (Secretary), Stephen Lee

MEMBERSHIP – Al Rothenbach – A report by Al was read by Diana R. Membership was up last year. Hope that it stays the same or is better this year.

PRESIDENT'S REPORT –- Diana R. -- We received the grant of $3000 from the Grand Foundation to go to the Middle School. There are 3 donation boxes for ski equipment at Granby Library, Fraser Rec Center and Church of the Eternal Hills, EXCEPT DURING THE SUMMER. Anything we can't use for the kids is given to Winter Park Trading to sell. Diana reported that Aspen Elementary School is still willing to sell all their used equipment but for $2,000. This will be in spring, after the ski season. Per the June 19 minutes all the ski equipment, though older and using the SNS system, is better than what we have now and can be used by the elementary school for a few more years. We had authorized Diana to offer $1000 for the lot so she is working on getting some more money from the Rec district to help us purchase this ski equipment.

There will be an article about our club and its activities in the Nov/Dec issue of COLORADO LIFE MAGAZINE. It was submitted by Lisa B. and Karen J.

Dan Jamison noted that the school calendar of races will be set on October 4.

FREE LESSONS – The three free lesson days are now set.
Tommelfest (Devils Thumb) – Saturday, December 7.
Snow Mountain Ranch – Sunday, December 15.
Grand Lake – Sunday, January 12. (Diana will see if Wyoming U can help on this date).

TREK – The Ranch-2-Ranch Trek is set for Saturday, February 8. It will be from SMR to Granby Ranch. Anyone who wants to can ski back to SMR for a longer ski.

SWAP – Will be Friday, October 25. It will be held at Snow Mountain Ranch but at the COMMONS (Not the Nordic Center). Times will be the same as last year – 5-6 p.m. for people who are bringing in their own equipment to sell, 6-8:30 p.m. for the Swap itself. As in previous years we will ask people to bring dessert items. Karen F. will e-mail info to the schools about having students volunteer to get community service hours. They will have two options: either come at the beginning of the SWAP and help vendors bring in their equipment/stock or come during the end of the SWAP and help vendors take down their equipment.

Al & Toni will be there for membership. Chris Lee will get volunteers to help. Diana R. will bring the sign showing the way to SMR and a sign showing the way to the Commons.

SCHOLARSHIPS – Our club budget has this set at $3000. It can be used by applicants for school expenses, clinics, travel, etc. up to a maximum of $300. More students should take advantage.

New kinds of scholarships – What about helping coaches (and volunteer coaches) with some of their expenses. For example, volunteer coaches are required to be certified with CCCSA which costs $100. The discussion that followed brought about a consensus. We felt that Grand Nordic could help. Karen F. MOVED (Stephen L. seconded) THAT WE DESIGNATE A NEW COACHES FUND TO HELP WITH PROFESSIONAL COSTS WHICH WOULD ALSO APPLY TO VOLUNTEER COACHES. THE BUDGET FOR THIS FUND WOULD BE $500. This MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

Dan J. asked for an explanation of how students applied for a scholarship and how the scholarship program worked. Karen F. said that there is a form online that they had to fill out first . She and Diana R. then explained the process.

BUDGET: There is a new budget and Diana R. will send it out for everyone to okay.

NEW BUSINESS: There was a long discussion about our being members of CCCSA and paying $500 for membership. The question was asked – what are we getting for this money? We do our own publicity and it was felt that $500 was too expensive for membership only. Diana said that she believed that there is a lower tier of membership – around $100. She will check on this. However most of the attendees felt that we should let our membership lapse for this year and see what happens. Karen F. moved THAT WE FORGO CCCSA MEMBERSHIP THIS YEAR AND SEE IF THERE'S ANY DIFFERENCE. The MOTION PASSED. (Diana will still check up on lower tiers of membership).

BROCHURE – Spent a while working on the new brochure. Membership rates were changed. Lisa B. made a MOTION TO RAISE MEMBERSHIP RATES. THE MOTION PASSED.
NEW RATES: Business - Same - $100.00
Family -- from $40 to $50
Individual – from $25 to $30
Youth – from $10 to $15
Senior – from $10 to $15
There were also some changes made to the body of the brochure.
Trail pass discounts – erase individual, season and day
For business memberships – Nordic Club privileges for 3 employees
(additional employees may be added for a fee)
For the Kids Nordic Ski Program at SMR – take off Sunday and the line “The Friday program gives more progressive lessons”.
Check on the Grand Lake Nordic Ski Program – Is it still available and what times? Check on the Devil's Thumb Junior Nordic Ski Team.
Erase YMCA Junior Training Program and ask Isaiah St. Pierre (Nordic Program Director) to write a short paragraph about the Winter Park Comp Center.
***For free lessons – change vouchers so that they reflect whether the user is an adult or a child. This will save us money on our free lessons.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Christine Lee, Secretary