Grand Nordic Ski Club Meeting July 17, 2007

The meeting was called to order at Fraser Library by Vice President Diana. In attendance were Diana, Phil White, Susan Oderwald, Al Rothenbach, Toni Wujek, Connie Fenton, and Hugh represented Devil's Thumb.

Al -80 Sounds like a starting point for memberships. Lets see if we can get the form out for renewal to existing members in August or Sept even before the Swap and I will do a letter requesting people renew and give the schedule of proposed activities as it settles in along with mention to consult the website for information and schedules.

Since we raised the membership rate to 25 individual and 35 family, I agree with Al that we should up the business membership from 50 to 60. Unless there are any dissenters, lets go with the higher business rate as well.

Diana Lynn - I will call Grand Lake to verify what is happening there.

Igor - It is the YMCA's turn to host the Nordic Swap if you want to. Susan is going to be the Coordinator for Gr Nordic. Please let us know which date works best - the 18 or 19 Oct, 25 or 26 Oct, or the 1 or 2 Nov? Do you know when the Boulder Swap is? We agreed in the meeting that FREE lessons and a nominal charge for rentals would be offered this year from Grand Nordic to everyone in the community. So we also need a date in January for free lessons at the YMCA that does not conflict with races, and if you will be doing any moonlight ski social events.

Susan - thanks for volunteering to be Swap Coordinator. Hopefully Tina can help with a flyer again once date and location are selected. Then we can get people to help with different parts of the event. Mel and Grace said they might be available to help with things if asked.

Seth and Hugh - can you let us know a December date for free lessons at DT. Are you scheduling any Moonlight ski events?

Phil - please email to all the info on the Calendar as promised. Also we will advise the dates selected for free ski lessons to see if you can offer a waxing clinic as hoped.

Karen - We would ask if you and Dave can work with the Boulder Nordic Social and Clark Edwards I believe. They indicated they would like an Annual Event. You guys pulled it off well and we are asking if you will continue with that event. We are also thinking late February again.

Connie - Keep us posted on the search for hats for the members who volunteer, all kids and youth program participants, and for sale to membership. Also let us know about the 3inch bells - we will add on the 50cents for our handling and please research who we should promote them to, not as a moneymaker but as a publicity piece to get our name out there.

Youth programs - please get info to Al for the website as soon as you know what you will be offering.

There is no need for another meeting until early October for Swap planning.