Grand Nordic Ski Club Executive Meeting 20 June, 2005

The meeting was called to order at Mike Lohman's house by President Lohman at noon. In attendance were Lohman, Mel Dyck and Phil White. Participating by speaker phone was Diana Lynn Rau.

The main subject of the meeting was the question of whether the Grand Nordic Ski Club should sponsor a junior ski program. Those participating in the meeting unanimously agreed that the Club should initiate an effort to begin a junior program. The remainder of the discussion on this topic focused on mechanics of how this should be done. The Board members suggested three points:

Rau suggested that Grand Nordic should provide some level of seed money to the program. Lohman and Dyck wanted to wait until the discussions could be carried out with the full Board present. We agreed to postpone further discussion of this topic.

Lohman announced to the Board that Grand Nordic had received the donation of a suburban for its use from a donor in the Midwest. The vehicle was not in running order when it was received but Lohman has invested his own funds and time to restore it to working condition. Two suggestions were raised about the possible use of the vehicle. One would be to use it as a Grand Nordic van for shuttling juniors (for example) to events. The other would be to sell the vehicle and use the funds as seed money for the junior program. Lohman stated that he wanted to be reimbursed for his personal outlay for auto parts used to repair the vehicle. Some of the Board members were inclined to favor the second option above to sell the vehicle, repay the President and use the remainder of the funds for seed money for the junior program. Further discussion of what to do with the suburban was tabled until a later time.

The Board wants to recognize the value of the free ski lessons offered last season and recommends that the program be continued this coming season.

The Board suggested that another executive meeting should be scheduled, perhaps in August, when all members can join the discussions.

Lohman adjourned the meeting at 1 p.m.

Submitted by Mel Dyck, Secretary