Grand Nordic Ski Meeting
June 19, 2019

Meeting began at 7:30p.m.

Attendees: Diana Lynn Rau, Lisa Bornfriend, Karen Fletcher, Mike Lohman, Stephen Lee, Charlie Rau, Christine Lee, Dan Jamison

Membership Report (Al Rothenbach) Grand Nordic has 260 memberships with 505 members. E-mail list 869. Bank balance - $8625.

President's Report Diana Lynn Rau - Congratulations to K. Fletcher who secured a $3000 grant from the Grand Foundation. This grant is to be used for buying/getting ski equipment for middle school/high school students. She mentioned that there will be a summary of what our club does inserted into the Grand Lake Theater Playbill. Thanks to Kathy Jamison and Lisa Bornfriend for writing this blurb. D. Rau reported that we (Grand Nordic) are in the black. We might have to tweek our free lesson program - check on costs associated with this program. The accountant filed all necessary reports with the IRS. It was mentioned that as part of our budget we should put in some of the accountant and lawyer fees as in-kind contributions as well as donations of ski equipment as in-kind donations.

Skis are donated, our club takes what we can use (for middle or high school students) and the rest is given to Winter Park Trading to sell and give back money to club for buying new skis or boots.

D. Rau received a call from Jenny Beltman (a former Grand Nordic member) who now works in Aspen. Jenny informed D. Rau that Aspen Elementary School sells their ski equipment every few years and plans to sell all of theirs next season (spring of 2020). She believes that the equipment is in good shape and wanted to ask if we were interested in buying this equipment. The cost is about $2,000 (maybe negotiable). One problem is that they are all SNS system skis and boots. They are all waxless skis that range from 100cm to 190 cm. There are 25 adult boots and about 100 pair kids boots. A discussion followed. Although this is the SNS system they could be used by elementary school students and even if we got a few years use out of them they are probably better than the skis and boots the kids use now. Most of the attendees expressed interest. K. Fletcher moved (seconded by L. Bornfriend) that we offer Aspen $1000 for the lot. D. Rau to get details. The motion carried. For those who did not know The Ski program in Fraser is run by the Recreation District Director Scott Ledin Mention was made that he might be able to get the Rec District to contribute $500 for these skis. D. Rau will ask him. (In Granby the elementary school x-c ski program is headed by Gretta Fosha with help from Phil Shipman).

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Rocky Mountain Nordic (RMN) calendar was shown. High School coaches are coordinating with RMN. Some of the races (RMN and High School) will probably clash with some of our scheduled events but there are not enough weekends during the winter season so there are bound to be some conflicts.

SWAP: October 25 The fourth Friday in October Held at Snow Mountain Ranch. There might be some problem having it at the Nordic Center because of the construction that might still be happening. If so, we have to inquire about using the Leggett Building as backup. D. Rau will talk to SMR about this scenario.

Tommelfest Devils Thumb Ranch Saturday, Dec. 7
Grand Lake Nordic Sunday, December 15 (Check with Grand Lake)
Snow Mountain Ranch Sunday, January 12 (preferable date check with Bill)

RANCH2RANCH Saturday, February 8.

SCHOLARSHIPS There was a discussion on whether or not we should set up a date by which the students have to apply for scholarships. D. Jamison asked whether we should have an income qualification question. Some families can afford to pay but there may be some parents/students taking unfair advantage of the scholarship program. A date that the students should reply by was felt to be a good idea. That date was set as January 1. The income question was harder to answer. Perhaps D. Jamison would be able to let the scholarship panel know which students he thought were better qualified for scholarships from the applications received. Also we could more heavily advertise that these scholarships were available.

Diana got a request from Isaiah Stpierre (coach of the Winter Park Competition Center) for a grant to help subsidize his coaching expenses for a Russia trip. The discussion that followed was whether or not we can do this; is this a scholarship grant; if we grant his request should we have him help us in some way? We give scholarships to students and it was felt that we could also help coaches with training expenses. (The trip to Russia had already taken place this past winter season).
K. Fletcher made a motion (seconded by S. Lee) that we give Isaiah a grant of $300 to help reimburse his expenses but that we ask him to help instruct at one of our free lessons as a condition of the grant. The motion passed.

There will be a special meeting to go over revenue and expenses breakdown how programs are doing - their revenue and expenses. More detail. Diana will set a date and time for her and Carol and anyone else who is interested to set up a more detailed revenue/expenses list. She will e-mail the date and time.

Their being no further business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Submitted by: Christine Lee, Secretary