Grand Nordic Ski Club Meeting Dec. 20, 2006

The meeting was called to order at Diana Lynn Rau's house by Vice President Diana. In attendance were Diana, Phil White, Susan Oderwald, Karen Waeschle, Al Rothenbach, Connie Fenton, and Jeff Schmidt represented Snow Mountain. Seth Martin DTR sent his schedule by email and was available by phone.

Connie gave a treasurer's report. There were questions about some checks that had to be resolved before a final balance amount was known.

The first item was the kids programs Diana said the one at Snow Mountain was scheduled to begin Jan 5th and run thru Feb 23rd . Phil said the one at Devil's Thumb will begin the week after, and run thru mid March. Phil will get a write up to Al for the website. There was discussion about an Rocky Mountain Division (RMD) program, and Phil mentioned that Devil's Thumb may do a progressive dinner fund raiser. Phil will keep up on this. (FYI - Phil used to be the RMD coach but it was a volunteer position and since he stepped down, we have not had a real program to compete)

The next items were lessons and social.

It was decided to have a Grand County Nordic Festival on Friday, Feb 23rd from 1:00 to 3:30 at Snow Mountain This would coincide with the last day of the YMCA Kids Program. This will include activities for the Kids. Free lessons and Skiing for adults, and half price rentals. Grand Nordic will pick other $5. Al will add to website. Susan, Karen, and Diana will plan. Refreshments (hot chocolate, cookies and candy) and prizes for events will be provided by Grand Nordic..

A second social will be held in conjunction with Devil's Thumb full moon ski on Friday Feb 2nd. This will include a potluck Dinner and or a DTR barbeque.. Diana will check with DTR.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:30

Submitted by Al Rothenbach