Grand Nordic Ski Club Meeting at Diane Legner's House -- October 7, 2004

The first fall meeting of the Grand Nordic Ski Club was called to order by Diane Legner at 7:15 p.m. In attendance were Marian Barry, Diane Legner, Mel & Grace Dyck, Mike Lohman, Clint Roberts, Jeff May, Cindy & Mark Eubank, Jason Cross, Igor Guziur, Valerie Kahn, Diana Lynn Rau, Nancy Citriglia, Al Rothenbach and Ransom Rice.

Legner reviewed the order of business for the evening and those present thanked former President Clint Roberts and former Secretary Phil White for their service. Officers for the coming year are President Mike Lohman, Vice-President Diana Lynn Rau, Secretary Mel Dyck and Treasurer Pro Temp Diane Legner (until regular Treasurer Connie Fenton returns). There was general discussion of the club history in the Valley of service to Nordic skiing. During the past year the club of 70 members accomplished a number of important items. The Club

  1. supported local youth skiing with web site advertising and equipment;
  2. donated $100 each to Devil's Thumb and the YMCA to be used to support races;
  3. developed a strong web site for the distribution of information to skiers;
  4. provided some political action service in the Blue Ridge Road controversy;
  5. scheduled trail work days at the YMCA and Devil's Thumb with 24 members attending the two work days;
  6. organized a ski swap at the YMCA; and
  7. offered ski lessons for master's skiers at greatly reduced rates.

Legner reported that the Club bank balance was $3498.71 as of the last statement on August 31. At present there is about $3450 due to some recent expenses. She reminded the group that the Club is a bona fide 501c (3) organization registered with the IRS and is a registered Colorado Corporation. She also expressed concern that the Club ought to feed back more support to the local Nordic centers than it has in the past.

A firm decision was made by the group to continue the activities of the club for the coming year. Mel Dyck will continue as Webmaster and will assume duties as Membership Chairman. He plans to send out letters soliciting renewal to a list of about 100 individuals and families and will pursue some business memberships as well. After some discussion about possibly lowering fees, those present adopted the same membership fee structure as last year: Business Membership $50, Family Membership $30, Individual Membership $20 and Youth (18 and under) and Senior (70 and over) Memberships $10.

Barry and Grace Dyck will head a committee that included Roberts, Rau and Kahn to stage this year's ski swap, again to be held at the YMCA. The proposed dates are either Thursday, Nov 4 or Friday, Nov 5, to be decided by the committee. Local advertising will be placed in the Valley newspapers and on the Club website.

Al and Toni Rothenbach will work out a schedule for some Club socials for the coming ski season. The first planned social is for the Club to provide food and drink for all in attendance at the ski swap.

The group discussed what to do with the funds in the bank. Dyck presented some estimates of the routine costs of running the Club and the group adopted a floor level of $1000 for the bank account. It was agreed that it is fair to look for ways to disperse any funds exceeding that amount in the Treasury.

The first financial item discussed was again to donate to the County Nordic centers. It was suggested and approved by unanimous vote to donate $200 to each of the three Nordic centers (Grand Lake Touring Center, Snow Mountain Ranch and Devil's Thumb Ranch) to be used in support of their youth skiing programs.

There were discussions of what benefits would accrue to Club members. Cross and Guziur again offered discounts on retail merchandise and trail passes (both individual season and day passes) at Devil's Thumb and the YMCA. The group discussed ways of trying to increase interest in skiing in the Valley and unanimously endorsed the idea of providing free skiing lessons to prospective members at each of the Nordic centers. Using some of it's reserve funds, the Club would pay the cost of providing instructors, equipment and trail passes for interested potential skiers at times to be determined. Mark Eubank agreed to speak to Janice Peck at the Grand Lake Touring Center about their participation. Roberts, Kahn and Legner will assume the responsibility for organizing the lessons and choosing dates and locations. It was generally agreed by the group that this is a great way to carry out the Club's mission statement of promoting all aspects of Nordic Skiing in the County.

It was decided not to offer groups of ski lessons this year that required the participants to pay the cost. The Club felt that the free sessions would be an interesting new approach and we should look at the results before offering additional services. It was also pointed out that the Club could direct interested skiers who attended the free sessions to the already excellent instructional staff in place at the Nordic centers, if additional instruction was required.

The Club decided not to pursue trail work days this year but instead to try to enlist Members to help the Nordic centers at their events, where manpower is always at a premium. The Club will try to have some signup opportunities available at the ski swap.

Rau mentioned that she would again provide a family-oriented ski clinic at the YMCA sometime around the Christmas holidays. Details will be forthcoming.

Having finished all of it's business, the Club adjourned the meeting promptly at 9 p.m. The remaining members then indulged themselves in the food and drink provided.

Respectfully submitted October 8, 2004 Mel Dyck, Secretary