Grand Nordic Ski Club General Meeting 5 October 2005

President Mike Lohman called the meeting to order at his house at 6:15 p.m. There were 13 skiers present and introductions were the first order of business. Following introductions, Mel Dyck read the minutes for the previous meeting on June 20. They were approved as read.

Lohman then announced that the Suburban donated to Grand Nordic was in full working order and that the title is now in hand. He feels that we should sell the vehicle and use the net profit to fund a juniors program within GN. Dyck moved that the Club allow Lohman to sell the vehicle, repay himself for the parts purchased and deposit the remaining amount in the Club treasury, specifically earmarked for use by the junior program. The motion was seconded, voted on and approved for action.

County Road 53 is again back in the news. It appears that the County may recognize a second road - the unpaved road passing by the White Cliffs on Blue Ridge and continuing on down to Cottonwood Pass. This option will be discussed at future meetings of the Board of County Commissioners.

Lohman reported on the current treasury status, based on his conversations with Treasurer Diane Legner. This year there are approximately $2446 compared to $3458 last year. There was discussion of the cause of the net loss for the year which included the free ski program, donations to the three Nordic Centers and a substantial contribution to the Spring Series.

Phil White reported that the junior program is presently on hold because of the small numbers of people who have expressed interest. Lohman proposed that the program be included in GN in name only at the moment, so that those using it will have a training/racing umbrella, but that the Club not provide any financial resources at present. This was generally agreed upon.

There was a question raised about the general purpose of the Club. Several comments were made about what the Club has already done and that its mission statement is to promote all aspects of Nordic Skiing in the County.

The ski swap is scheduled for Friday, November 4 at Devil's Thumb. Mike and Fiona Lohman volunteered to chair a committee to organize the swap from the Club's perspective. White offered to check to see if some main meal items could be provided by the Thumb. Attendees will provide side dishes.

There were discussions of the free ski lessons program. The concensus was that we should continue the program but perhaps not in exactly the same form as last year (where ALL associated costs were paid for by the club with no restrictions). Lohman asked for a volunteer to head up the program but none was forthcoming. Bob Akright asked whether it might be possible to develop corporate sponsorship and offered to look into that possibility. Lohman will also think about how to continue the program if no sponsorship is possible.

Dyck raised the question of the need for a membership chairman and pointed out that the reason for the large membership last season was because of an aggressive recruiting campaign. Not volunteers were forthcoming for this position.

Dyck left the meeting at 7:40 p.m. to fulfill another obligation.

Submitted by Mel Dyck, Secretary