Grand Nordic Ski Club Meeting at Snow Mountain Ranch - October 27, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m. by President Clint Roberts, after a delay in finding a meeting site. Members and guests in attendance were Clint and Sandy Roberts, Fiona Lohman, Mel and Grace Dyck, Mike Zielke, Sr., Diana Lynn Rau, Diane Legner, Connie Fenton and Phil White.

President Roberts reviewed the history of the club's activities and concluded that it was a worthwhile venture and should be continued. He agreed to continue as President and then asked White to continue as Secretary and Fenton to continue as treasurer. The latter both agreed. No one currently fills the position of Vice President.

Treasurer Fenton reported that there were currently $2502.14 in the club treasury.

Interests of those present were explored. Fiona stated that she would manage the Devil's Thumb Ranch Friday fun program for kids this season. With the fees, it is a self-supporting program. Mel agreed to look into taking over the Club web site programming chore. Diana Lynn also was looking into running a kids program, but stated that she has been less involved than in the past. She is also planning a mom's ski clinic sometime around Christmas. A number of those present agreed to attend the Club's ski swap and help out.

The ski swap is scheduled for Wednesday, October 29 at 6 p.m. at the Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center. We want to have membership forms available and will keep the dues the same for this season. Tina Wilson has edited the past membership form for the coming season and Sandy will see that the forms and membership cards are available at the swap. We also will need 2 cashiers for the swap and a check-in person for equipment that is dropped off to be sold. Shawn Delaney will accept equipment as early as Monday, October 27 but needs the paperwork from the Club.

A recurring problem is interaction with the Nordic Centers and the Club. Center directors always ask what the Club does for them that should justify granting members a discount on merchandise and passes. It was suggested that we schedule work days at the Nordic Centers as a good faith effort for Club members to put something back into Valley skiing. Mel agreed to supervise this effort.

Mel also suggested that the Club could donate a cash prize to the Centers to be used in the name of Grand Nordic for local races. This issue was not pursued further at the meeting.

Clint agreed to see that the ski swap was publicized in the local papers and he and Sandy suggested that they would do this season's news letters.

Roberts adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.