Grand Nordic Ski Club Minutes
Jan. 5, 2011

Participants: Diana Lynn Rau, President; Mike Lohman, V.P.; Sean Dee, Treasurer; Christine Lee, Secretary; Tim Carter, Boulder Nordic Club liaison; Tina Wilson, Publicity; Kelly Howard, Stephen Lee, Susan Oderwald, Charlie Rau

The meeting began around 5:00 p.m. and the first item on the agenda was a discussion that centered on the Nordic program in the East Grand School District. On the horizon were further budget cuts in the upcoming year. This would probably entail cuts to the Nordic program also. The issue of transportation was a prime example for cost cutting. The discussion focused on the need to support both middle school and high school kids in the Nordic program. If the schools cut support entirely RMD could be the way to go with a paid coach and transportation partly sponsored by Grand Nordic. The club could set aside a certain amount of money and try to get matching funds though donations or grants to help offset any budget cuts for next year. Most parents cannot afford to pay the entire amount (around $700 per child) if funding is lost. A MOTION WAS MADE: THAT GRAND NORDIC SKI CLUB SET ASIDE AT LEAST $2000 OF NEXT YEAR'S BUDGET TOWARDS EAST GRAND SCHOOL DISTRICT'S NORDIC PROGRAMS. THE MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

Regarding the reading and approval of grant applications for the school fees. EGMS sent some in. These were a paragraph to half page written by the applicant that acts as their request for funding. Sean Dee, the treasurer, read and approved the ones sent in.

The next item on the agenda was a request from the Nordic Center at Snow Mountain Ranch for seed money to help buy new snow grooming equipment (i.e. G2 machine). After some discussion a motion was made that GRAND NORDIC SKI CLUB PROVIDE $500 AS SEED MONEY FOR GROOMING EQUIPMENT FOR SNOW MOUNTAIN RANCH YMCA WITH MATCHING FUNDS FROM FUNDRAISING EITHER FROM INDIVIDUALS OR CORPORATE HELP. Mike Lohman volunteered to talk to Tom Merkt, the new Nordic Director, on the specifics of how this fundraising could be done.

There was a request from the Univ of Wyoming Nordic team for travel funding to the World University Games in Turkey. Since this was an appeal from one of our own Grand County skiers, Devin Oderwald, it seemed appropriate that, if the club had funds, we could grant this request. After some discussion the request was approved but a suggestion was made that someone on the team, preferably Devin, would come and give a talk to the high school about the experience. A MOTION WAS MADE TO GIVE $500 TO SUPPORT THE UW NORDIC SKI CLUB TO COMPETE AT THE WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES IN TURKEY. THE MOTION WAS APPROVED.

Sean and Susan also talked about setting up precedents and policy for money allocations to entities or individuals requesting funding. This would require Grand Nordic having money to do such funding.

Regarding items for sale: hats, bells, vests and jackets with our name. A suggestion from Tim was to put this on the Internet or put them into a shop (the Nordic Center at the Y, perhaps). Diana stated that it would be too late this season but we could check with Tom or Jill at the Y on whether or not it would be feasible for next season.

There is a Moonlight Ski on Saturday, February 12 at the Y. Diana asked if this would be a good time to have our joint get-together with Boulder Ski Club. The answer was yes. She also informed everyone that there would be a National Ski for Life event at the Y beginning the last weekend of January. There is a need for volunteers to help at this event and she will put out the appeal to everyone via e-mail.

Sean suggested that another benefit to our membership and to all Nordic skiers would be instructional DVDs on x-c skiing. He said there are quite a few good ones that can be bought on Amazon. We could then donate them to the library for general circulation. Everyone agreed this was a good idea. A MOTION WAS MADE THAT SEAN DEE FIND THREE OR FOUR X-C INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS AND BUY THEM TO DONATE TO THE LIBRARY WITH THE COST NOT TO EXCEED $150.00. The motion was approved.

A question was raised whether or not we should have a Facebook presence. With the majority agreeing that this was okay Diana and Tina volunteered to work on it.

The last order of business was a discussion on the upcoming Saturday (Jan 15) free lesson day at Grand Lake. A list for instructor signup was passed around and it looked as if we had enough instructors. Al Rothenbach and Kelly will be at the registration table and Tim Carter has been and will be in touch with Janice regarding the sign-ups for lessons and rentals. A few vendors with demos are expected to be there also. Tim will also check up on food vendors (if any).

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Christine Lee, Secretary