Grand Nordic Minutes - January 27, 2002 Meeting: SMR Nordic Center


Discussion of club membership: how do we increase club membership? Get middle school & high school rosters, have school skiers join the club.

Phil should write up recommendations on how to put together future RMD/USSA Junior races. Club sanctioned events: how do clubs in Colorado organize & run these?

Grand Nordic logo silk-screened on middle school uniforms, up to $100, pending balance of account.

High school uniforms, Connie to check with Dale Fleming, MPHS AD. The school owns these uniforms, and they don't allow advertising, but it may be worth a try.

Marian Barry is writing a letter to school skiers about free membership this past winter (2001-2002). Next year it will be $10 individual/$30 family.

Grand Nordic needs a contract for class instructors (coaches): 1st year - $15 per hour/2nd year - $20 per hour/3rd year & up - $25 per hour

Mom's x-c clinic next winter - $5 each, through the Fraser Rec. District The numbers are up for the 2nd session ski classes.

Rocky Mt. High web site: there is $120 fee per year for this service.

Future fundraising ideas: Summer running race in Granby (13 miles/half-marathon) Hats: Grand Nordic hat. Phil will get next years catalogs at the April ski show from Jytte of Sun Valley, and Swix, for custom hats.

Submitted by Phil White 3-25-02